Los Santos Department of Justice

Welcome to LSDOJRP!
LSDOJRP and it's affiliates, Dhomburcraft, Army of the dead, WildStar Trucking, and others. Are a gaming network centered around bringing you and your friends together, we offer many game servers that you can hop into and explore, enjoy, and experience! Make a new friend, build a machine, fight off the dangers of the night, or convoy across the US. Here at LSDOJRP we are dedicated to bring the best servers for you to play on. So bring a friend, or make a new one, and get your game on!

Pay The Bill

Subscribe and donate 100 USD to Los Santos Department of Justice and it's affiliates monthly! What is Pay The Bill you may ask? This is for you crazy people that feel spending money and paying for the whole server bill per month. Yes, WildFyr spends $100 per month out of pocket to run Los Santos Department of Justice and it's affiliates. PLEASE NOTE This is a Subscription! and you receive the following. (And loose some if the subscription laps) Get the "I PAY THE BILLS" role in our Discord (Auto Role will be in LSDOJR...




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